A grid for clean and reliable energy

The integration of wind and solar power, heat pumps and electric vehicles creates problems for the operation of existing distribution networks and the whole power system, not to mention the market. Continuity of the supply of electricity is important for the modern society.

Our vision is to develop an ideal grid for all, which enables clean and reliable energy for the future.

From Concept to Demonstrations

  • Defining the concept. We will define the concept of active distribution network in a future scenario of large-scale penetration of renewable distributed generation and energy efficient appliances.
  • Planning methods and automation functionality. We will develop the distribution network planning methods and automation functionality to enable the future vision of ideal grid for all.
  • Building the demonstration sites. Demonstration sites located in Denmark (Østkraft Holding A/S), Italy (A2A Reti Electtriche Spa) and Spain (Unión Fenosa Distribución, S.A.) will test the applicability of developed methods and functions in a real environment.

 Expected results

  • Future ideal grid enables large-scale penetration of renewable generation and energy efficient appliances by utilizing advanced distribution network automation and active network functionalities.
  • The same automation infrastructure will be utilized to enhance distribution network reliability.
  • Integration of renewable generation and energy efficient appliances into distribution network management will improve the cost efficiency of distribution networks.