Unión Fenosa Distribución Demonstration


Unión Fenosa Distribución demonstration site is located in the headquarters of Antonio Lopez street in Madrid, and it shares the facilities of the University Corporate Company and offices of the high-voltage network operation. It is part of a MV network with two secondary substations, connected to the primary substation ‘Puente Princesa’.

There are several facilities connected to the LV network in the demo site, most of them with a smart meter: 1-ph and 3-ph smart meters, 3 controllable photovoltaic generators from different technologies, 1 wind turbine, EV charging posts, and a gas generator.


UFD demos site

Facilities existing in UFD demo site

The IDE4L Use Cases tested in UFD demo are network monitoring, load and production forecast, state estimation, and power control. Concretely, the possibility to analyze the behavior, functionalities, weaknesses and strengths of the emerging technologies allows achieving a maturity level faster than usual. This will make easier for DSOs to adopt these technologies technically and economically in R&D projects or massive deployments, avoiding long periods of adaptation and assuring reliability and robustness from an early stage.