Ostkraft demonstration

OST Demo Site is located on the Northern part of Bornholm in a residential area in the village Tejn. It consists of two secondary 10/0.4 kV substations (no. 29 and no. 122) and a LV network. The substations have been replaced and fitted with automatic breakers. The network consists of 4 LV lines with a total of 123 customers. In the project period smart meters have been installed at all customers, 12 off the customers are also a part of the EcoGrid project. This area has been selected because of the relatively high percentage of customers with heat pumps and PV panels.


OST demosite

Ostkraft Demonstration Site in Tejn in Bornholm.

Østkraft demo site is testing:

  • Decentralized FLISR
  • LV Monitoring
  • LV Load and Production Forecaster
  • LV State Estimater
  • LV State Forecaster