Project description

Main objectives of the IDE4L project

  • Demonstrate the next generation of active distribution networks which fully comply with   new sustainable energy and efficient use of electricity frameworks
  • Develop advanced distribution network automation systems, including utilization of ancillary services of distributed energy resource and aggregator
  • Develop advanced applications that enable monitoring and control of whole network and embedded distributed energy resources

Main challenges to be solved

  • Address the great complexity of controlling distributed energy resources in the future
  • Exploit existing networks and resources more efficiently
  • Fulfil high expectations placed on extreme reliability and quality of power
  • Reduce high uncertainties that exist at customer side (heat pumps, electric vehicles, self-generation)
  • Resolve conflicts between electricity market needs and technical constraints

Main tasks

The aim is to create a single concept for distribution network companies to implement active distribution network today based on existing technology, solutions and future requirements.

IDE4L develops the entire system of distribution network automation, IT systems and functions for active network management.

  • Fault location, isolation and supply restoration
  • Congestion management
  • Interactions between distribution and transmission network companies

Automation systems and management solutions will be tested in laboratories to ensure the functioning of the complete system. Real-time digital simulators and micro-grid installed in laboratories with real devices are utilized in testing.

A2A Reti Electtriche Spa, Østkraft Holding A/S and Unión Fenosa Distribución, S.A. will demonstrate the developed system and functionalities in their networks including actual customers. Already there are PV, wind power, heat pumps and EVs connected in urban and rural networks.

The output of the project is published as a final concept, including a plausible execution roadmap and recommendations for different stakeholders.