Summaries of the IDE4L project findings

Brochure of IDE4L results

Results in brief in CORDIS

IDE4L report summary


Project deliverables

D1.1 Detailed dissemination plan ide4l-D1 1_30112013-v2

D1.2 Plan for useand dissemination of foreground, updated 31.10.2016

D2.1 Specification of active distribution network concept

D2.2 Final vision and roadmap of active distribution network concept

D2.3 Simulated benefits of active distribution network concept and applications

D3.1 Distribution Automation Concept, updated 31.10.2016

D3.2 Architecture design and implementation, updated link 1.2.2016

D3.3 Laboratory test report

D4.3 Preliminary assesments of the algorithms for network realibility improvement: Laboratory verification of algorithms for network reliability enhancement by FLISR

D5.1 State estimation and forecasting algorithms on MV & LV networks

D5.2/3 Congestion Management in Distribution Networks, published 31.8.2015

D5.4 Report on congestion management in distribution networks with day-ahead dynamic grid tariffs

D6.1 Optimal scheduling tools for day-ahead operation and intraday adjustment

D6.2 Distribution Network Dynamics Monitoring, Control, and Protection Solutions including their Interface to TSOs, published 15.9.2015

D6.3 Emulation of the aggregator management and its interaction with the TSO-DSO

D7.1 KPI Definition

D7.2 Overall Final Demonstration Report


Journal articles

The IDE4L Project: Defining, Designing, and Demonstrating the Ideal Grid for All,

Design and Implementation of a Substation Automation Unit,

Hierarchical and distributed control concept for distribution network congestion management,

Real-Time Low Voltage Network Monitoring-ICT Architecture and Field Test Experience,

Coordinated Voltage Control in Distribution Networks Including Several Distributed Energy Resources,

Distribution Locational Marginal Pricing Through Quadratic Programming for Congestion Management in Distribution Networks,

Optimal Reconfiguration Based Dynamic Tariff for Congestion Management and Line Loss Reduction in Distribution Networks,

Uncertainty Management of Dynamic Tariff Method for Congestion Management in Distribution Networks,

Dynamic Subsidy Method for Congestion Management in Distribution Networks,

A Sufficient Condition on Convex Relaxation of AC Optimal Power Flow in Distribution Networks,

Distribution Locational Marginal Pricing for Optimal Electric Vehicle Charging through Chance Constrained Mixed-Integer Programming,

Specification, implementation, and hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulation of an active distribution grid,

Real-time Reduced Steady State Model Synthesis of Active Distribution Networks Using PMU Measurements,


Conference articles

Real-time distributed monitoring and control system of MV and LV distribution network with large-scale distributed energy resources,

Toward an Adaptive Protection System for the Distribution Grid by using the IEC61850,

An economic analysis of Commercial Aggregator services,

IEC 61850-based logic selectivity scheme for the MV distribution network,

Holistic view of active distribution network and evolution of distribution automation,

Standard-based secondary substation automation unit – the ICT perspective,

Impact evaluation of PV generation on LV networks,

Coordinated voltage control algorithms tested in real time digital simulator,

Review of congestion management methods for distribution networks with high penetration of distributed energy resources,

Optimal network reconfiguration for congestion management optimization in active distribution networks International Conference on Renewable Energy and Power Quality,

Optimal approach for the interaction between DSOs and Aggregators to activate DER flexibility in the distribution grid The 24th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution (CIRED), 2017

IEC 61850-based communication and aggregation solution for demand-response application,

Systematic method for the development of future active distribution network automation architectures,

An optimal scheduling for aggregators in smart grids,

Technical constraints and flexibility management in smart grids,

Demand aggregator flexibility forecast: Price incentives sensitivity assessment,

Coordination of control and energy management methods for microgrid systems,

Planning of low voltage networks considering distributed generation and geographical constraints,

A Method for Extracting Steady State Components from Synchrophasor Data Using Kalman Filters,

A Power Smoothing System Based on Supercapacitors for Renewable Distributed Generation,

Active distribution network concept for distributed management of low voltage network,

Utilizing SCADA and IEC 61850 for real-time MV/LV network monitoring,



Utility week, 2016, Barcelona Spain

InnoGrid 2020+ conference, 2016, Web-site of the event:

Tutorial in ISGT Europe, 2016

The Role of Communication Standards in the Active Network Management, ISGAN, 2015

Distribution automation and functionalities for active network management, Smart energy workshop, Konstanz, Germany, 2015

Functional testing of low voltage distribution network automation: RTDS user group, Oct. 2014, DTU, Denmark

LV network voltage management: Power quality seminar, Feb. 2014, Luosto, Finland

Poster 1 & Poster 2: InnoGrid 2020+ conference, 2015, Web-site of the event:

IDE4L voltage control in MV and LV grid: IEEE PowerTech 2015, special session “Facilitating the transition to DSOs with high RES penetration”,

Presentation of IDE4L project

Presentation:  CIGRÉ Technical workshop, Madrid, November 2014